Travel news

Good to see a new flight to Toronto on WestJet, starting in May of 2010. Air Canada could use a little competition on that route.

I suspect the benefit will be greatest for locals and Canadian families than tourists, but every little bit helps.

There was also a dump of selected stats released again on tourism today. I'm only linking to the article because I'm at the stage where I find tourism stats completely incomprehensible. The constant reclassifications, reporting period changes and highly selective snapshots provided make any kind of informed analysis of trends almost impossible.

Most of the incoherence I put down to political interference, but some is also the press not charting things out, preferring to describe in 1,000 words what could be best illustrated in a nice little picture.

Take this for example:

However air arrivals did increase in September, by one percent -- previously, industry leaders predicted the air arrivals figures would be lower.

One percent in September is rounding error; one percent is Michael Bloomberg bringing a couple extra NY politicians down for a round of golf.

We need trends, not cherry-picked snapshots. A couple of disconnected points does not a trend make.

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