Bermuda First?

The much delayed Bermuda First report remains under wraps, but a draft website is up.

Design is very slick and is rigged for good social networking tools, but content is light as I presume this isn't ready for prime time.

Perhaps as a warning sign the Blog Other Viewpoints link includes a couple of extremely partisan verbatim entries from the PLP's hyper partisan blog including:

These use very partisan language, even going so far as accusing Kim Swan (co-chair) of lying. Nor should we see references to The PLP Government, it's the Bermuda Government, otherwise how on earth can the group be called "Bermuda First"?

Presumably the PLP guiding hand is laying the groundwork for the PR war when the report is released.

If this thing comes out of the gate with that kind of partisanship embedded in it then it's DOA as those blog entries have no place on the site (in other viewpoints or not) and run completely counter to the stated mission of bi-partisanship. The parties and politicians have their own websites to peddle their propaganda. These will pollute and dilute the Bermuda First initiative.

Let's hope that Don Kramer and the other non-political steering committee members stamp this out early.

PS. The domain is also registered by an Arizona based firm. I hope that's merely a domain name registration. There's plenty of Bermuda firms capable of running the website.

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