September 29, 2009

A little housekeeping

Just a quick heads up on where I'm going here as I kick the site back into gear.

But first things first:

I am completely unaffiliated with any political party or any organisation in Bermuda, and have been for several years. I am not involved with the breakaway party nor am I involved with the UBP. It's just me and my keyboard. I'm not working for or aligned with any group whatsoever. Hopefully that clears up the early conspiracy theories.

In the next few days I'm working on some housekeeping and technical issues on the site to integrate Twitter and potentially Facebook as well as clean up the look and feel. Anyone with skills who would like to assist please shoot me an email (thanks to those who've already offered).

Unfortunately to do that I need to upgrade my MovableType software that drives the site on my hosting account. That could get messy apparently. But once that's done I'll be on my podium.

I'm also going to try some new things branching off of the site over the coming months to try and stimulate some more substantive policy oriented discussions as opposed to the predictable petty politics.

Stay tuned...brief brain dumps will be occurring over at Twitter in the meantime.

Posted by Christian S. Dunleavy