September 28, 2008

A "crass and pathetic propaganda machine"

It seems I'm not alone in my disgust with the childish propaganda and outright easily verifiable lies that continue to be peddled on the PLP's official website by their Chairman David Burt and perhaps one or two others.

PLP Member Jonathon over at Catch a Fire comments on the PLP's site, and also raises a telling example of the disinformation and manipulation that is their online presence.

Firstly his take on the PLP's site:

The official site of the Party should be treated with the dignity that a Party with as illustrious past as the PLP has, not as some crass and pathetic propaganda machine.

Secondly, he pulls back the curtain on the party's inner circle hijacking the Progressive Minds site during the election, posting under the guise of the youth wing

I cannot speak for other former members of the Youth Wing but I myself grew disgusted with the abuse of that site in the run up to the election where for all intensive purposes the site was hijacked by elements other than the Youth Wing and far from being the site for active critical discussion it became just one more tool in a cynical and classless election campaign. As far as I am concerned it ceased being the blog of the Progressive Minds around November 2007 and while I initially hoped that the post-election blog would revert back to PM control for various reasons this has not occurred.

A few days ago PLP Chairman David Burt, the guy who refuses to take accountability for his own words on the PLP site by hiding behind a pseudonym, dug up an over the top rant from an internet forum and tried his best to tie it to the UBP.

He really has a low estimate of the intelligence of his audience.

We saw this during the election as well. The PLP, the party who ran an outrageously race baiting campaign with Puppet TV ads, claims that the UBP leader wanted to hang and flog blacks and 'was out to get you' attempted to conflate anything said anywhere against the PLP as from the UBP.

Remember the internet cartoons that they tried to pin on the UBP while the BIU gas station was distributing some of their own? The connection of the BIU to the PLP is real, the connection of some random guy on the net with Photoshop to the UBP is non-existent. And he knows it. But that won't stop him.

It's all just show business.

What a sad, shallow and desperate strategy from a morally bankrupt individual and party. Their reliance on these tactics suggests that they don't think they have much positive or substantive to offer. Surely they can make a better case than this fabricated one they continue to peddle?

We now have him demanding that UBP leader Kim Swan denounce the words of someone anonymous he doesn't know and couldn't know, as if they have anything to do with his party.

This from the guy who won't correct his own undeniable lie on his website - which he's been repeatedly called out for - nor will he link to those he quotes so he can re-frame their positions nor will he own his own words, preferring to post as 'PLP'.

He and his party won't even take ownership of their officially sanctioned public statements yet try and have the UBP own everyone else's, even anonymous ones on the internet?

What a farce.

Jonathon's right. The guy is crass and pathetic.

Posted by Christian S. Dunleavy