September 28, 2008

Media Ownership

A dispassionate look at media ownership in Bermuda.

1) Bermuda Press Holdings (The Royal Gazette / The Mid Ocean News)
- Publicly traded on the BSX. Anyone can buy shares.

2) Media House Limited (The Bermuda Sun)
- Publicly traded on the BSX. Anyone can buy shares.

3) Defontes Broadcasting (VSB, Mix 106 etc.)
- Privately owned by Kenny Defontes.

4) Bermuda Broadcasting Corporation (ZBM, Power95 etc.)
- Privately owned. Controlled by Fernance Perry.

5) Interisland Communications (Hott 107.5FM)
- Owned by PLP MP Glenn Blakeney. Program Director PLP Senator Thaao Dill.

6) Bermuda Network News
- Owned by PLP Senator Walton Brown.

- Controlled and run by the PLP Government

8) VistaMar (potential new daily startup)
- Registered by PLP Senator Walton Brown, board constituted of PLP insiders/benefactors and friends and family of the Premier.

Those are the facts. Where's the potential for bias?

Posted by Christian S. Dunleavy