September 25, 2008

Passive Aggressive

Sheesh Ms. Cox. All this talk about the ethical way to go about these things, and ambition, but so little decisiveness.

Someone told me some time ago that "Paula Cox is propping up Dr. Brown by being his number two. She's enabling him."

I think that's true. Paula Cox sitting as Deputy Premier is providing people with a sort of safety valve which is making them quite tolerant of Dr. Brown's antics and exploits.

If Paula Cox were to withdraw from his Cabinet then he would be immediately destabilised. But I get the sense that party loyalty is tugging on the heart strings.

I don't dispute Paula Cox's popularity although she doesn't do much for me; Captain Cliche as someone described her to me the other day. But she'd certainly be an upgrade as Premier.

Suffice it to say that I have a reliably terrible record of predicting results of these kinds of event - I thought Alex Scott would hold on (the choice was between benign incompetence and malicious competence) - I don't see any leadership change occurring at the PLP's annual conference.

Not with this kind of indecisiveness and passive aggression.

Frankly, Ms. Cox appears to want a coronation. That's not the way these things go down - in any political party - and most certainly not against a shrewd and ruthless political operator like Dr. Brown.

Couple that with his band of highly financially dependent and hence highly motivated taxpayer funded hangers on in the rapidly expanding executive branch and you have a group who will do whatever they can to keep him there.

There's quite a few people whose livelihoods are tied to Ewart Brown remaining as Premier. He's used the taxpayer purse to ensure he's got a highly loyal band of followers around him. They know who they are.

But now that I've made my prediction, it's bound to go the other way.

Posted by Christian S. Dunleavy