September 25, 2008

Premier's Real Obama Rebuttal

Two days ago the Premier released a pretty much by the book response (not yet posted on the Government's website but immediately posted on his party's) intended to downplay Obama's "Destination" ad which attacks John McCain and Bermuda's international businesses.

If he was being candid this is what he would have wrote:

Dear Senator Obama,

I, of all people, totally get where you're coming from. In fact I'm way ahead of you.

I know first hand how politically expedient it is to use Bermuda's financial sector and insurance exectuves as election whipping posts every few years.

And boy is it effective. You should have seen how we pushed some buttons. You don't know the half of it.

If you're anything like me (although I wish I was like you running for the real Presidency) I presume this is just shallow politicking; as soon as the campaign ends you'll quietly reverse or just drop altogether your campaign positions on this.

So I'm not that worried about your ad. Actually I dug it.

You should see how effective our anti-international business campaign gimmicks were: term limits, The Workplace Equity Act, Goodwill Plus (Sven and Johnny was a real hoot) and all those other election tricks. We never intended to follow through on any of them, or keep some in place, but they were more successful than in our wildest dreams.

These were our ultra high priority policies that contrasted us with our opponents who actually campaigned on not attacking our bread and butter business sector. Dopes.

Then, on Dec 19th, we put them in the closet until the next campaign.

Just dropped 'em. Vanished. Into thin air. Never to be spoken of again. Gone.

Oh, I guess I have to say this: "Please stop picking on Bermuda".

Anyway, back to more important matters. Can I get a ticket to the the Inaugural ball?

PS We feel about Switzerland the way you feel about Bermuda. You should look into it. They're eating our lunch. Could be another ad for you.

If anyone thinks that Barack Obama would go anywhere near the Premier of Bermuda with 6 weeks to go to an election and an anti-Bermuda ad running, you're kidding yourself.

That's political suicide.

On a more serious note (although the point that the PLP demonized our industry in the same manner Obama/Democrats do is undeniable), there is a perfect storm brewing.

You have the real likelihood of both houses of Congress and the White House going Democratic. Gridlock is better.

You also have a massive economic crisis and a US Government that is going to need to find new tax revenue.

This is the most real the 'Bermuda' election attacks has ever been.

Bob Richards is exactly right when he says that the attacks from the PLP Government against our international (and local) businesses are the primary threat facing our econmy.

It's not just the campaigning against our economic pillar but policies as well.

There is an ongoing 'silent move afoot' to Switzerland because of term limits and Government's contribution to driving up the cost of living through high taxes and uncontrolled spending.

Posted by Christian S. Dunleavy