The shrill spin zone is back.

Brace yourself, the PLP's election-time-crazy-with-dishonest-spin blog is back. (The dormant website has been creaking back to life since the elitism criticism started. The first change was to the restart the slideshow on the site's main page with their candidates posing for photos with the public).

See. We're not elitist. We have photos to prove it.

It's starting to feel like the election never ended and was just a short chapter of the Brown soap opera.

A reader writes:

Speaking of spin, in the "The Blog is Back" post leading with "We're back and we're better than ever", the PLP blog announces today that: "We put Bermudians first by making sure that all Bermudian families will have access to free, high quality day care."


"Thanks to your PLP government, all Bermudian parents will be able to send their kids to free, high quality day care"

(note , ALL)

But the announcement a few days ago from the House is that "MPs passed a bill yesterday to pay child care bills for families or single parents earning under $70,000 a year"

Sigh indeed.

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