Lily white black empowerment

The unspoken impetus behind Government's push to oust the Bermuda Cement Company ownership was of course 'black empowerment', or perhaps more accurately, destroying a supposed symbol of the supposed white establishment.

But with the new ownership, most significantly Correia construction of unsuccessful but high-profile PLP candidate Jane Correia (you're not really surprised are you?), it's pretty clear that the model of black empowerment being peddled by Ewart Brown is awfully white, other than himself of course.

The next climbdown will of course be the requirement to relocate the silos 300 yards and you'll have an official case of a Government faciliated hostile takeover. And people wonder why S&P removed our positive outlook?

This is yet another incredibly cynical manipulation and exploitation of the hope and aspirations of many black Bermudians; but I'm not surprised.

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