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The suspended Police Officer/blogger story found its way into the print media today, with both the Gazette and The Bermuda Sun covering it.

I think, notwithstanding the accuracy or inaccuracy of his comments, the now-removed post which has resulted in his suspension was bound to cause problems for the reasons highlighted in the Sun's article:

In the article, Mr. Palmer, who is originally from St. Vincent, claims there is a strong Barbadian faction within the BPS, which is known by serving officers as the BM, or "Barbadian Mafia."

Mr. Palmer claims that the BM holds the balance of power within the force and makes some serious allegations about its conduct. He goes on to name a superior officer who he believes controls the BM.


However, sources told the Bermuda Sun that among the rank-and-file, few have qualms about Mr. Palmer's suspension. Originally, many officers were sympathetic of Mr. Palmer's attempts to bring more transparency to the BPS. However, most believe he went too far by naming individuals.

It goes without saying that calling superior officers part of a "Barbadian mafia" is going to cause a problem and result in some sanction.

Every police officer knows that you can't comment publicly on internal matters. I'm sure PC Palmer knew that, so I can only guess that he was willing to deal with the consequences, or was perhaps inviting them.

Most employers, whether the Police or corporate, aren't going to take too kindly to their employees airing the dirty laundry and internal politics in public.

A Police blog would be very helpful, particularly if challenging the constant political spin, however it's probably safest done with anonymity.

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