The problem

Today's article in the Bermuda Sun, I think really reveals the problem that faces the UBP.

Pat Gordon Pamplin articulates an unbending commitment to character and ability not race, while Shawn Crockwell articulates that as the goal but questions whether it is viable in the racially dominated political scene.


Mrs. Gordon-Pamplin challenged Mr. Crockwell's assertion that the party may need to push forward a young black image. Mrs. Gordon-Pamplin said: "People should be pushed to the fore on the strength of their talents and their talents alone. Have we really reached the stage in this country where the only consideration is the color of someone's skin?

"If I made a decision based on someone's race I would be compromising my core values and the values of the party. If we compromise our values we may as well pack up and go home."


The political arena is very unfriendly to white people right now. The PLP set out to make it that way. Now, of course, we can continue to fight the good fight. We can refuse to have this dictated to us by other people. But I hope we can be mature enough to look at this as it is. The electorate sent us a message. I now think it's going to be expected that certain people are going to have to draw back."

The problem with selecting a white leader?

The PLP will attack them as old guard.

The problem with selecting a black leader?

The PLP will attack them as a sell-out puppet.

The party has a duty to work through this, but it's complicated. I'd also argue that the UBP vision, as articulated by Pat, is ahead of the electorate right now.

Politics isn't necessarily about being right.

My sense is there is about a 2 year window before it would start to make sense for the PLP to call a predatory snap election.

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