The main thing was to win, not to be moral

If you're interested in the low down on political dirty tricks (in case you didn't learn enough during our election campaign) a former Republican practitioner is interviewed by Newsweek on his new book entitled "How to Rig an Election: Confessions of a Republican Operative".

Money quote:

The point there would be to try to tap into potentially latent bigotry, to force that household to make a particular decision on its vote. You're tapping into triggers. When I was working, the main thing was to win, not to be moral.

Indeed. Much of what he discusses is what the PLP utilised during the campaign, push polling, telemarketing, barring a sitting MP from visiting constituents in a Government building etc..

The PLP would abhor the tactics this individual engaged in to exploit white bigotry, but they unleashed the exact campaign themselves in reverse.

The 2007 election campaign has set back political discourse and race relations severely.

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