Concern for the constitution

I'm getting a real kick out of the distress over Bermuda's political well being at the PLP's blog, where they're absolutely beside themselves that the UBP is yet to name a leader post-election.

"Why didn't they have a plan B if Dunkley lost?", "We need a functioning Opposition" is asked breathlessly.

The concern for Bermuda's constitution and the health of the Opposition is duly noted.

But really, what's the hurry, other than the lack of policy ideas for the PLP to poach and add 10% to.

What's an Opposition leader going to do before Parliament goes in at the beginning of February other than get demonised as a white racist or a white apologist? Perhaps if they got a GP car it would be worth the insults and speed up their weekly gabfests.

And we know that the current approach to any concerns raised by the Opposition, Auditor, Press etc. is to simply dismiss it all as a big racist lie anyway.

I'm sure the UBP will have someone in place when Parliament resumes, which is all that matters anyway, and that doesn't really matter all that much in the short term to be honest.

The Opposition leader is largely symbolic, other than a slightly larger paycheck they can't implement legislation, change Government policy etc..

Oppositions in Westminster systems can't do much other than speak up, and here they're just ignored or vilified anyway.

The UBP should have learned that focusing on smart policy ideas hasn't got them anywhere, so I'd suggest being so outright political over the next five years that voters won't know what hit them.

When the PLP say term limits, the UBP should say "Just deport everyone NOW".

When the PLP say Workplace Equity Act, the UBP should say "A guaranteed CEO position for everyone".

When the PLP say we'll build 550 homes, the UBP should say that they'll give everyone a free house in Tuckers Town.

When the PLP say free public transport for everyone, the UBP should say "A free car for everyone".

So relax. Things will be just fine. And so will Michael Dunkley. He's probably playing a fair amount of golf, although not nearly as much as the Premier is I imagine.

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