No jokes for you

A reader writes on my post today about the UBP taking their time selecting a leader:

Don't rise to the bait, Christian! No one would know the PLP blog existed if you didn't publicise its demented and entirely self-serving content. It's really not worth either your time or your energy to try and counter the provocations of a group that has taken up permanent residence in a locale where all of the moral and logical polarities have been reversed, where all of the normal political imperatives have become extinct.

Well yes, normally I do ignore it, but I'm overwhelmingly bored with it all lately as the dialogue on this island is so shallow and mindless, so I was feeling a little punchy. Forgive me.

I mean, they're still talking about Michael Dunkley for crying out loud. I guess the despair at the lack of an Opposition Leader is that they don't know who to direct the fire at.

Typically, because people pay way too much attention to my ramblings, there was a terribly predictable rapid fire response about 'my bitter tirade' over there and then the far too serious Jonathon at Catch A Fire weighed in.

As I told Jonathon at Catch a Fire, do you have to turn in your sense of humour when you take out a PLP membership?

Sometimes I really wonder.

I wasn't defending the UBP, I was stating the obvious: not having finalised their leadership selection is no big deal with Parliament being out and being 4 weeks post-election.

So here's a few things people should have figured out about me by now but evidently some have not:

Firstly, I am a complete wise-ass. Secondly, I'm a complete wise ass. Thirdly, I'm a complete wise ass.

I swear that 95% of my wise cracks are interpreted way too seriously by PLP die hards.

Maybe I'll have to insert an identifier when I'm just joking around or pointing out the ridiculous by being ridiculous while making a point.

Politics would be unbearable if we can't laugh at the absurdity of it all at times. And the one thing I know for sure is that in Bermuda, too many politicians (and their supporters) take themselves far too seriously.

Back to boredom for awhile I guess.

To channel Seinfeld's Soup Nazi: "No jokes for you."

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