Crushing Dissent

Police Officer and blogger Allan Palmer, who helpfully pointed out the fudged crime statistics, to subsequently remove that post under pressure, and follow up that post about some internal pressure that was being applied, has today posted that he is on suspension:

By now the world should know that I am on suspension from the Bermuda Police Service, pending the outcome of an investigation which was initiated, after I posted the last article on this blog. That article was posted as a last minute ditch to abort a devious plans which was orchestrated and initiated for my demised [sic]. To ensure that my character and integrity was bring [sic] into disrepute. It was also in defense of my parent’s [sic] legacy. I will explain later.

As I said previously, PC Palmer was breaking new ground as a serving Police Officer with a blog, as officers are prohibited from speaking in the media (ie. interviews, Letters to the Editor etc.), and it appears this is now being tested with new media.

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