A couple of new blogs

There's a couple of new blogs on the scene, which I've added to my Daily Reads sidebar (which I need to pay more attention to as I have discovered people actually use/follow those links).

Firstly, there's Breezeblog (which is actually new-ish) by Chris Gibbons.

And just launched a couple of days ago is A Radical in Bermuda, written by a far left-winger, but a true left winger. I imagine this will be a good and thoughtful read.

Take this post today:

This is going out to all my fellow Bermudians, it is a call for us to be ever vigilante of our government and the ways in which we slip into tyranny. The Premier's post election decision to half the number of women in his cabinet and senate appointments, his dissolving then reforming of the Ministry of Justice, the racial insensitivity by members of his party, both in parliament and outside, the xenophobia of many members of his party, including cabinet level appointees, and now from what I have heard, the formation of cliques within the party that adhere to the worst forms of Christian fundamentalism (a certain one of these cliques would seem to be quite powerful, though I will not name names for safeties sake) and male chauvinism are dangerous signs of where this wonderful island of ours could be headed.

Well yes, the current leadership and direction of the Progressive Labour Party is neither Progressive nor Labour. But that's obvious to any reasonable observer.

It is a fraud.

"Progressive" and "Labour" have been made synonymous with 'Black' and are being used as cover for some seriously bad policy under the shield of 'blackness'.

But it's a recently-validated-at-the-polls fraud, so things will get worse before they get better.

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