What goes around comes around

Dr. Brown's nasty un-Bermudian campaign continues to plumb new depths, as evidenced by his party's Puppet slur advertisement against UBP candidate Wayne Scott.

Negativity in political campaigns is nothing new, but what has been surprising in this campaign is that a party itself is so proudly producing such Americanized gutter material. The big difference is that in US campaigns you normally try to put some distance between the official candidate/party and their attack ads. Dr. Brown's campaign is proudly smearing.

For a party to run that puppet show ad on TV, with "paid for by the Progressive Labour Party" proudly appended to it is shocking, it runs a serious risk of alienating voters. It's speaks only to hard core fanatics. There was no point to the ad, other than to feed into stereotypes and racism.

That shouldn't be surprising during this campaign. What was surprising was how easy it was to create a rebuttal, which someone has posted on YouTube today, actually, the rebuttal is a better ad, shorter and ties in accountability as an issue.

I really wish that these nasty YouTube/Photoshop ads etc. would stop, but when an party is actually creating them themselves, it's hard to blame freelance individuals from responding in kind.

But back to the Puppet slur: The UBP's Bob Richards and John Barritt pointed out the hypocrisy and divisiveness of the PLP's attack on a black UBP member, when one of their own candidates had the exact scenario occur:

UBP candidate E.T. (Bob) Richards, who is running in Devonshire East, said the ad was an example of "gutter politics.

"It is offensive," he said. "It uses racial stereotyping as a political weapon."

And MP John Barritt said: "It is time to call them out for ads like this. On the PLP website there is a video of Wayne Caines, another new candidate, and you can see him struggle for the words to use, he struggles not once but twice and he is helped by a colleague on his right. No one called him a puppet.

"My black colleagues have to endure this type of criticism and it is offensive — that they are something less because they are black and support the UBP."

The situations are exactly the same, a first time candidate struggled in front of the mic (nerves) and was assisted by a colleague with a one-word prompt. Dr. Brown's campaign spins it into a slur for the UBP, but it's laughed off when his Chief of Staff does it.

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