November 05, 2007


The New Onion hits the nail on the head, in declaring today's word to be "Truthiness".

Watch Stephen Colbert's skit on what Truthiness is, and then apply it to Ewart Brown's speech to the PLP Banquet.

Here's what (out of character) Stephen Colbert said about "Truthiness" to The Onion (Satirical magazine) [emphasis Mine]:

Truthiness is tearing apart our country, and I don't mean the argument over who came up with the word…

It used to be, everyone was entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts. But that's not the case anymore. Facts matter not at all. Perception is everything. It's certainty. People love the President because he's certain of his choices as a leader, even if the facts that back him up don't seem to exist. It's the fact that he's certain that is very appealing to a certain section of the country. I really feel a dichotomy in the American populace. What is important? What you want to be true, or what is true?

Truthiness is 'What I say is right, and [nothing] anyone else says could possibly be true.' It's not only that I feel it to be true, but that I feel it to be true. There's not only an emotional quality, but there's a selfish quality.

And here's what he says on the Right Wing's claims of media bias:

What the right-wing in the United States tries to do is undermine the press. They call the press "liberal," they call the press "biased," not necessarily because it is or because they have problems with the facts of the left—or even because of the bias for the left, because it's hard not to be biased in some way, everyone is always going to enter their editorial opinion—but because a press that has validity is a press that has authority. And as soon as there's any authority to what the press says, you question the authority of the government—it's like the existence of another authority. So that's another part of truthiness.

There's another great Colbert quote - from his routine at the White House Correspondents Dinner which will have its own Bermudian version during this election campaign, which the PLP appear to want to make about 50 year old grudges and an vastly exaggerated claim of media bias:

Reality has a well known liberal bias.

In our case, it will be that "reality has a well known anti-PLP bias".

This is textbook Republican campaign stuff we're about to witness over the next 7 weeks.

Posted by Christian S. Dunleavy