Noise Pollution

A reader with his experience with a wind turbine:

In reference to the planning application for the wind turbine installation. I am all for seeking and using environmentally friendly energy resources. My only concern with the wind turbine it that during a normal breezy day the turbine is extremely quiet and unnoticeable, but during times of moderately higher winds the "blades" of the turbine make an extreme amount of very high pitch noise!

I know this because I had installed one for test purposes on my own property and found that on windy days (sometimes) but definitely nights I had to shut it off as it would keep everyone in the immediate area including myself awake!

This was a very expensive unit definitely not the bottom of the barrel but it was 5 years ago so maybe things have changed. I definitely wouldn't recommend this type of energy generator for an area where you have anyone living near you.

I've been told that they're getting quieter, but I can imagine that if their use became widespread you could have a serious noise pollution problem.

In this case Mr. Miller applied for a one year test period as well. I'm sure his neighbours would have notified Planning if noise was a problem.

There are lots of issues to consider for new power sources (solar seems best suited to Bermuda I'd think), but 'unattractive' seems like a low one on the Ministry of the Environment's hierarchy of concerns.

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