Caption Contest Winners: "Cox's Hill"


Photo courtesy of The Bermuda Sun

1st Place - Fast Eddy: Today in The Situation Room, Big Bad Wolf Blitzer revealed the historic reconciliation between Goldilocks and Baby Bear.

2nd Place - Lewis Padgett: This shot, taken moments after Paula had just asked Hilary, if that was the infamous "Blue Dress".

3rd Place - Proteus: Visibly dis-pleased and barely able to crack a smile, Coxy didn't have the heart to tell Hilary that when she was talking about HRC, she didn't mean Hilary Rodham Clinton.

Honourable Mentions:

Bermuda Rasta: "What?! This isn't Emmanuel Lewis?"

Gombey House: HRC: "Welcome to Washington, my my we've never seen so many Bahamians here before!"

Dishonourable Mention:

Blankman for too many fat jokes!

Hillary Clinton brings out the best...and worst... in you. I spent this evening cleaning up a few of the comments. I chuckled all weekend at Bermuda Rasta's Emmanuel Lewis crack though.

See you next week. Feel free to send on suggested photos.

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