Caption Contest: "Cox's Hill"

I'm low on time today, but on special request this week's caption contest is dedicated to Cox's Hill:


Photo courtesy of The Bermuda Sun

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Shit. They told me I'd have to pose with someone that wasn't exactly photogenic but they never said I'd have to pose with someone that was butt ugly!!!!!

Visibly dis-pleased and barely able to crack a smile, Coxy didn't have the heart to tell Hilary that when she was talking about HRC, she didn't mean Hilary Rodham Clinton.

Hilary - "Oprah, I'm so glad you could make it. I'm such a fan of your book club. Look everyone, Oprah's here!".

HRC: "Welcome to Washington, my my we've never seen so many Bahamians here before!"

Hilary - "And with us tonight is the spokesperson for the Association of Vertically Challenged Persons.. Err... What? That's NEXT week... ???"

This shot, taken moments after Paula had just asked Hilary, if that was the infamous "Blue Dress".

The meeting probably would have gone better if Paula hadn't kept referring to Senator Clinton, as Monica!

Hilary: "Hurry up and take the damn picture, so I can get up off my knees!"

"I don't give a shit if you're the QUEEN of Bermuda... get you hand off my ass!"

Hilary: "Can someone tell me why we're kissing up to these people? They're British... they can't vote!"

There ain't room enough in this town for TWO blue ties: HRC looks startled as a fight for fashion rights breaks out behind her

"What?! This isn't Emmanuel Lewis?"

Hilary can barely contain her amusement as Ewart X's "Fruits of Bermuda" create a wall of security around the Bermuda politicians.

Flushed with a rare sense of superior femininity, Hilary tries her hand at "bedroom eyes".

"Hey Bill... Guess who's coming to dinner?"

Paula: "Ewart always wants it HIS way, why couldn't I have had Obama?"

Paula: "Here it is, my big chance to shine, and I get stuck with the broad nobody likes!"

Hilary is delighted to finally be paired with someone who has less personality than she does.

The cast and crew of the CITV remake of "Diff'rent Strokes" enjoy the post-production wrap party.

Today in The Situation Room, Big Bad Wolf Blitzer revealed the historic reconciliation between Goldilocks and Baby Bear.

Hilary: "So...where are you staying whilst you're here?"
Paula: "Erm...somewhere called the Swallow Hotel"
Hilary: "Really?. That's where Bill usually stays".

So you say you're not the one that posted this on Craigslist?

"Forgive me but your name reminded me of where I last saw that shade of lip-stick."

"Hey guys check this out. Bermuda's got a small Cox and we have a big Dick."

Hey girl, you get any heavier and Bill's gonna hit on you!

"You mean the guy wearing the pink bow-tie is the Premier?"
"Yes, that's him. Someone told him pink is the new black. Unfortunately he believes everything he hears from certain people."

"So Paula, how's that White Water account we set up a few years back doing? I might need to make a withdrawal."

You say graft like it's a bad thing!

Yogi and Booboo pose for a candid shot before go off to look for a pic-a-nic basket. Careful you two, the Ranger is right behind you.

"As they say a Cox in hand is worth two Bushes in the White House."

October 2009: President Clinton, seen here with Bermuda's Permanent Deputy Premier "Sleepy" Cox, was on the island for Amnesty International's premiere screening of the documentary "The 40 in Bermuda's 60/40 Has Gone Missing"

Paula, I think you'd make a great Premier. In fact Bill agrees with me. In fact just a few minutes ago he said as much. Lousy intern but great Premier.

Just how many bowls of Coco Puffs did you have this morning?

And this is representative of a country that banned wind turbines because they're unattractive??

The ironi is, were both of African decent.

Ms Cox: “Hil – May I call you that – we’d be charmed if you consider our offshore banking facilities and financial markets.
No, Hil, no worries AT ALL about financial regulation!….its all in MY handssssss;
I guarantee won’t be any repeats of Whitewater type probes *
…As far as assurances go you ask?
Well, I know we sent Deuss back to his Dutch fiscal regulators, but if he hadn’t started messing with our local Commercial Bank, and buying it …..….
But here’s proof your cash is safe with us: look at Flöttl, we’ve left him alone, even though the Austrian State Court has been after him since 1998** .Well yes! They do have him now, BUT, his cash is safe with us and he’s still doing his circle investments with MEL Holdings from his house in T Town – no problem…..yes Hil, I KNOW on paper it is no longer HIS house, I know that, I am the Finance Minister ….it belongs to his helpful local personal assistant Ms Jones, we don't call THAT ‘fronting’( 'fronting in Bermuda is when a Bermudian buys a house with their foreign spouse). No, poor Wolfgang has every right to hide his BDA estate from those greedy Austrian prosecutors ….Well yes it WAS money from the union bank investors he ‘stole’ but as a labour government we DID help out as much as we could by losing all the official Bda Monetary Authority records – our chap from the BMA said something about a ‘complete disappearance of all records for Ross Capital’…. A ‘computer crash’ to that fussy Austrian judge who did not believe he was peniless…BUT Hil , with his new MEL Holdings business 2005***, that’s a subsidiary real estate division of a private bank…you know, that spoilt rich capitalist Julius Meinl V’s Bank Meinl Bank AG….Good luck to Flöttl I say;
I describe as Bermuda striving to create a ‘supervisory and company oversight that is risk-based’ and making ours a ‘business-friendly, innovative domicile’.
You have my solemn promise, Hil, your financial business will be safe with us. Anyway, we will make it safe with us, we’ll take these stubborn Bermudians to Independence very soon indeed, and then we’ll write our own rules about financial regulation, and what does and does not constitute corruption tell the UK and EU fiscal regulators, to catch the same plane out of Bermuda as the Governor…...And we’ll be in a stronger position to tell that pesky IMF to kiss off too!
And by the way, thanks for the kind PLP donation VERY generousssss!
Fine Hil, shall we pose for the cameras now? …….Cheese”

**curiously around the first independence referendum under John Swan
European Land Holdings reg address Hamilton, Ber

Mike Dunkley and Glenn Jones made a statement re this photo. They both agreed that both are worthy regardless of their choice of colours.

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