Caption Competition Winners: "The Grinning Guv"


Photo courtesy of The Royal Gazette

1st Place - SmokingGun

"Sure I had a little fun. I thought the police file was a classic. And the cedar beam trick no one caught onto. And the Russian guys? Old schoolmates. Wait till Ewart finds out who's bank account he's been putting all that money into."

2nd Place - Proteus:

Sir John melodic inner monologue:
"The house began to pitch, the kitchen took a slitch
It landed on the wicked witch in the middle of a ditch
Which was not a healthy situation for the wicked witch
Who began to twitch, and was reduced to just a stitch
Of what was once the wicked witch"

3rd Place - Bermuda Rasta: Even in retirement, Snidely Whiplash enjoys watching train wrecks.

Honourable Mention

- Blankman: They're laughing now but wait till they meet my replacement.

- Ali: The Guv shows his delight as he prepares to meet Phil Perinchief for a final farewell.

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