Caption Competition: "Bugs in the House"

This week's caption competition could be bugged.


Photo courtesy of The Royal Gazette (Friday Sept. 21st 2007 edition).

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Don't you love farce?
My fault I fear...
I thought that you'd want what I want,
Sorry my dear...
But where are the clowns?
Send in the clowns...
Don't bother, they're here.

Brown invites the media to an open house.

Fearing further BHC document leaks from within, Ewart Brown up's the stakes with the gag order.

More PLP subliminal messaging.

"We've got everything wrapped up folks."

The first National Heroes Day memorial was shrinkwrapped today to be transported out to sea and lowered to the bottom of the ocean.

WOAH...thats the biggest bouncy castle ever! (my 3 year old)

Ewart called the new programme "Windows for Transparency in Governance".

Shouldn't they wait until November in order to really kill all the ewartmites?

Meanwhile, the bugs had a great party upstairs ....

Christo does Bermuda (tight budget stylee).

Bermuda's ongoing homage to the United States became badly derailed today by this questionable rendition of the U.S. flag. A PLP spokesman explained that the design was pursuant to the party's non-white policy.

Ewart prepares for the day that United by Faith figures out what stem cell research is.

Ewart demonstrates how he intends to prevent International Business from leaving Bermuda.

Sir Richard Ground aka "cedar plant" seen leaving the Sessions House(lower right). Our reporter Thaao said it was ah dunn dill.
Senator Cedar Burch said "Resin" will determine the outcome.

Unable to buy houses, the Bermudians with foreign spouses set up a shanty town.

Concerned about the potential impact of the Privy Council rulings, Ewart decided to wrap his Christmas present early.

Doc Hollywood unveils the new Bermuda flag, post DC inspired Independence speech.

The best form of protection...cover up!

The end result of hiring Johnny to take care of the Term Limits problem.

The newly installed prophylactic was no match for the Twin Towers of Testicular Fortitude.

Well yes, the BPB (Bermuda Pest Busters)does offer a 15 year guarantee against reinfestation with all the regular pests, but as far as the recent and rampant e-wart virus problem goes, we'll just have to see if this does the trick!

To counter recent accusations that Bermuda is rapidly becoming a Banana Republic without the Bananas and without the Republic, Government arranges for an emergency shipment of Bananas to be kept under wraps until the time is right.

New shrink wrapping technique, created by sucking in all that hot air.

Well!!!! Southlands Developement being moved to Morgans Point? Just imagine the look on Wanda's face when she saw the new 'bath house' that blocked her view of the 'southside'.

Camera man captures rare shot (R) of Laverne Furbert in the grounds of her new home.

When Ewart complained the house was bugged , he did not mean THOSE bugs

Apparently Dr. Brown insisted the towers should not be de-bugged.
In a recent press release he announced meetings with the new Gov. WILL be held in
one of them, while the Colonel will be locked up in the other.
In this way he hopes to bring together the 2 disparate factions of the plp/qlq

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