Caption Competition: "Out of the Woods"

I need a laugh, in fact that's all I've been after all week since restarting posting, and I'm sure this week's caption competition will assist:


Photo courtesty of The Mid Ocean News

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I apologize, Tiger. Ewart wanted to attend, but he had an important overseas business meeting that he didn't want to miss.

MD: "Hey Ewart, you've been pwned!"

"Tiger, our Premier seems to have gone missing. Mind if I use this picture on the side of my milk cartons for a while to help keep things that way?"

"Honey, cancel the christmas cards with the kids. I think I've found a good pic to send to all our friends. By the way, don't forget Ewart get's one for each of his addresses."

I decieded to take a pass on the Grand Slam, I heard you had an outbreak of Warts in Bermuda.

"Put a Tiger in your tank!"

Alas, this was the postcard that pushed Ewart over the edge

And which one of the Faith Based Tourism events were you supposed to attend?

Dunkley's been playing with his photo-shop again.

TW to MD in whisper (TW is carrying a case in his right hand, which is excluded in this photo):- "Now Michael, I've agreed to your photo op. only if you'll dispose of this horrible corrosive weed killer!"

I'm really sorry about the, Tiger
sid v

Ewart did not make the sudden death play off in the Annual PGA's We Got Milk final round. Tigers 214 crushed the field, Dunkleys walking across the green to challenge Ewart got him 'red-carded.

Breaking news from Disneyland:
The Hall of Presidents has been shut down and all the animatronic robots have been retrofitted. Get your picture taken with them!

In other news: Tiger Woods visits Disneyland's latest attraction, The Hall of Lesser Known Politicians From Around The World, and has his picture taken with the least known politician he could find as a joke.

Late Breaking News: Even with celebrity endorsements, Disneyland's newest attraction closes.

Dunkley tries his hand at milking a Tiger.

"Say Cheese!"

I tell you that the easiest way to improve your game is to drink two glasses of milk a day!!

The Milkman would deliver.........

'Chocolate Milk'

The newest backer of the UBP, detz rite.......
The Unbelievable Birdy Party.....

Mr. Dunkley gets ready to unveil his own "Blind to all you single stem cell research haters" T-shirt

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