September 27, 2007

One for the 'Whatever' file

Evidently there's a shortage of real news, which resulted in today's installment of silly headlines (and story):

Wilkinson defects to PLP

Lots of fun stuff in this very short 'story'.

Firstly, is it a defection if someone quit one party 17 years ago to join another 17 years later?

Secondly, the reason for joining is rather weak:

"I have always supported the Government in power."

Or, said another way, I go where the power and money is. Good riddance if that's the case.

Thirdly, if he "always supported the Government in power", how does that reconcile with leaving the UBP 17 years ago, while they were still in power?

Fourthly, isn't this the same guy who was disgraced after being caught illegally exporting Bermuda currency when head of the Bermuda Monetary Authority? If that's the quality of defection that gets front page listing on a party's website, I'd be re-examining my recruitment strategy.

Whatever. Now, on to real news, like the Premier not being bothered to comment on stories on the international press that his policies, actions and scandals are threatening our sole economic pillar.

Dennis Pitcher gets it right.

Posted by Christian S. Dunleavy