September 19, 2007


Some readers write in on losing a day that celebrates us all, not political figures;

Does Bermuda have anymore democratic process left? Would something like this not be up to the majority to decide? I appreciate that change is constant and change can be good, however, change such as this is effectively erasing the history/heritage of Bermuda and over-writing it with politics and political motivations. If the politicians want to introduce a public holiday to celebrate heroes, then do exactly that. Introduce another day.

The PLP's quest to erase/re-write history is worrying at best.


I guess they ran into a roadblock creating a new holiday?

Hey UBP, reclaim Bermuda Day for Bermudians!


Unlike you to hold your fire on their announcing that May 24 will now be known as National Heroes Day. Another St Kitts innovation!
Posted by Christian S. Dunleavy