Caption Competition Winners: "Bugs in the House"


Photo courtesy of The Royal Gazette (Friday Sept. 21st 2007 edition).

1st Place - Bermuda Rasta: Bermuda's ongoing homage to the United States became badly derailed today by this questionable rendition of the U.S. flag. A PLP spokesman explained that the design was pursuant to the party's non-white policy.

2nd Place - eh: Brown invites the media to an open house.

3rd Place - Gombey House: Ewart called the new programme "Windows for Transparency in Governance".

Honourable Mentions:

Fast Eddy: The newly installed prophylactic was no match for the Twin Towers of Testicular Fortitude.

Blankman: To counter recent accusations that Bermuda is rapidly becoming a Banana Republic without the Bananas and without the Republic, Government arranges for an emergency shipment of Bananas to be kept under wraps until the time is right.

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