Caption Competition Winners: "Candles in the wind"

Apologies for having to close the comments down early again this week, and just when momentum was building for some really good entries.


My favourites were:

1st Place - The General: "Jeremiah group receives approval for SDO on the ground between protestors at the candlight vigil"

2nd Place (and eerily prescient of the comment spamming) - Bermuda Rasta: Reminiscent of the "Free Mandela" movement, throngs of "PLP for Christian" members pray for Mr. Dunleavy's deliverance from incarceration over the censorship laws of Chairman Brown. Meanwhile, in the rapidly fading background, Vance Chapman shouts at the disinterested crowd.

3rd Place (and most effort) - Proteus:

Twas the night before Ground Breaking when all across Southlands,
Many folk were stiring with candles in their hands.

The contruction plans were drawn up by Jumeriah with care,
In the hopes that good ole' Uncle Ewart would make sure all was unimpaired.

The sellers were happily thinking there had been no crime,
Whilst visions of dollar-signs danced around in their minds

Grumpy Burch in his old uniform and Uncle Ewart in his white suit,
Had just settled down to count all their loot,

When over in Southlands there rose such a clatter,
Uncle and Grumpy jumped from their seats to see what was the matter.

The candlelight down in the fields gave off a lovely glow,
Illuminating what would be such a frightening show,

And what appeared at the crest of the hill shrouded in screams?,
But Aunt Neletha, Cousin Zane and several shiny diggin machines!

On Caterpillar, on Michigan, on Detroit-Allison, on John Deere,
On Bobcat, on Daewoo, on Fujitsu,

We got land to clear!

Honourable mentions -

Bermuda Rasta: Awaiting his return flight from the Privy Council hearing on BHC, UBP supporters line up for the opportunity to light Saul Froomkins' cigar.

Bermuda Rasta: Celebrating the Curtis McLeod appeal, the DeSilva clan set fire to their BIU cards.

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