Caption Competition: "Candles in the wind"

This week's caption competition is early due to the holiday.

Due to last week's problem with comment abuse, I will be watching closely and closing them down overnight and if I'm away from my PC for an extended time.

Winners, and I know you all questioned my judgment last week, will be announced Thursday night.


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The new Government TV station was pleased to cover the candlelight vigil showing the Bermudian public's overflowing support for Dr. Ewart Brown.

Geeks addicted to spoilers on the internet hold a candlelight vigil for Harry Potter, even though no two people at the get-together can agree on whether or not he dies.

The line from Snorkel Park made it all the way to Southlands?!

I'm sure if we light enough enough candles we'll find the cedar beams.

"Jeremiah group receives approval for SDO on the ground between protestors at the candlight vigil"

Craig Christensen, foreground in the "Word to You Mothers" t-shirt, attempts to garner support by attending the Southlands vigil. Lisa Vickers (seen with two-by-four) invites Craig on a cruise strapped to the mast of the Rainbow Warrior.

Reminiscent of the "Free Mandela" movement, throngs of "PLP for Christian" members pray for Mr. Dunleavy's deliverance from incarceration over the censorship laws of Chairman Brown. Meanwhile, in the rapidly fading background, Vance Chapman shouts at the disinterested crowd.

100 burning candles couldn't mask the stench created from the Southland's SDO.

The 18th hole of the Brown Classic came to a finally. UBP won on a sudden death play off. The PLP(please lets putt) retreated to the Plantation Club, now owened by Zanes Recontruction.

The first of the Faith Based Tourism events begins with a Wiccan ceremony.

Everyone brought their own Tinkerbell to Never Never Land.

Modern day wreckers set fires on south shore in hopes of scuttling a ship of fools.

Bye fack, Belco's out again!

Premier Brown's grand opening of Zoom's new departures lounge.

The annual BBQ for all the families living on Burnt Finger Road.

New airport runway landing lights for ever-late arrival Zoom.

... and the people searched in vain to find their Government a clue!

After spending $27,000 for "lunches" Andre realized he had to cut corners on future Faith Based events.

Buddz Lite

Awaiting his return flight from the Privy Council hearing on BHC, UBP supporters line up for the opportunity to light Saul Froomkins' cigar.

Celebrating the Curtis McLeod appeal, the DeSilva clan set fire to their BIU cards.

Fires on the shore to guide the wayward ships into port,only to have them shipwreck on the reefs to be pilfered...times sure don't change.

"I'm a Pepper, he's a Pepper, she's a Pepper, we're all Peppers, wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too?.... Be a Pepper, drink Dr. Pepper." Showin my age here....

Hopeful Bermudian voters await the promised landing of EB’s space saucer*, and the promised announcement of a date for the upcoming galaxy elections.

(* courtesy of Correia space vehicle construction)

IB Executives gather at the Freddy the Freeloader Hairport on the roundabout.Air traffic control state the delays are caused by Dr. Brown and his 'Cabin'(et) crew reshuffling at the ''mile high club'.

Another case of Premier Brown keeping people in the dark over his plans for Bermuda.

After hearing him get the facts 100% wrong, BEST decided to shed some light on what the tunnel will "really" look like for the Premier.

And the villagers gather round with their torches and pitchforks, to run Frankenstein (a.k.a. Dr. The Honorouble JP MP Ewart Brown) out of the village.

Another BELCO power outage.

Who was the bright spark who told us that Cup Match was now a night-time twenty/20 game?

Twas the night before Ground Breaking when all across Southlands,
Many folk were stiring with candles in their hands.

The contruction plans were drawn up by Jumeriah with care,
In the hopes that good ole' Uncle Ewart would make sure all was unimpaired.

The sellers were happily thinking there had been no crime,
Whilst visions of dollar-signs danced around in their minds

Grumpy Burch in his old uniform and Uncle Ewart in his white suit,
Had just settled down to count all their loot,

When over in Southlands there rose such a clatter,
Uncle and Grumpy jumped from their seats to see what was the matter.

The candlelight down in the fields gave off a lovely glow,
Illuminating what would be such a frightening show,

And what appeared at the crest of the hill shrouded in screams?,
But Aunt Neletha, Cousin Zane and several shiny diggin machines!

On Caterpillar, on Michigan, on Detroit-Allison, on John Deere,
On Bobcat, on Daewoo, on Fujitsu,
We got land to clear!

The environmentalists were all fired up over the latest SDO at Southlands.

Comments closed. Results to be announced Friday night.

Bermuda's O.A.P.s can no longer afford the high cost of electricity.

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