August 20, 2007

Cop Rant

A veteran Police Officer writes in [Ed. Note: links added]

Christian, excuse me but I need to rant..........

I am getting sick and tired of the ongoing nonsense which this Government and especially the Colonel spout in regards to the Police.

I am absolutely sick of the lying.

Its bad enough that they lie constantly about a new police station in Hamilton but now they want to (again) blame HE [The Governor] for police response times etc. The people of Bermuda are being fooled,. all of the operational stuff is governed by things that Govt can influence. i.e. funding for equipment (not enough cars for the new CAT patrol units, or the extra people in the station during the overlap created by the new shift system). They can only put more uniforms on the streets if they have cars to get there!

Adequate buildings (other than Southside) every one of them is patched together with duct tape and the biggest one of all...PAY. The people of Bermuda surely aren't aware that the police pay contract expired in Oct 2004. This is supposed to be a three year contract expiring in Oct 2007. They haven't even come to the table yet.

The only thing this govt has said is that they will consider more pay if the police give up their free health care and go onto basic GEHI. The only good thing they have going is the health care.

The pay is less than teachers without a 10 week paid holiday every year, shift work and personal violence YET the day they go out of contract they are on strike and get huge pay increases!! And that's after a review has said they are at fault for our children's education.

Why on earth would any Bermudian with any brains want to stay in the Police?? No wonder they are leaving in droves. It makes me sick to listen to how it is the Commissioner's fault or the Governors fault when the fault lies clearly at the feet of the Government.

Nuff said.

Posted by Christian S. Dunleavy