Over under

I didn't catch the Government broadcast on the Southlands project, but a reader did, and he also caught the Brown Bag Lunch news segment:

Wondering if you saw VSB news tonight?

They had a clip of the Premier on one of his “invite only” lunch dates describing the tunnel at the Southlands project. He said that the tunnel is going to be for tourists (hotel guests) to go under South Shore road. He then went on to say that the South Shore road would go up and over the tunnel that allows the tourists to get to the beach. He also explained that this was in the drawings “he saw”. His final point was that the Southlands objectors were essentially making up lies so that people would object to the construction.

The funny thing about this clip is that we had just watched the 20 minute video produced by the Bermuda Government with Premier Brown himself, Minster Butterfield, Minister Lister and a host of others explaining the Southlands development and SDO, in which they showed the plans including the tunnel along South Shore road in detail. AND, OF COURSE, the tunnel is for cars not for tourists!! As a matter of fact, Minister Lister dedicated 3 minutes of the video to explain the tunnel in more detail (18 ft high for all trucks and cranes in Bermuda, sidewalks, open roof at the junctions, lighted, etc.).

I am shocked (I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked anymore) that as Minister of Tourism and Premier, Dr. Brown was either unaware of the tunnel (as Minister of Tourism shouldn’t he know what the hotel looks like…especially as controversial as this one!) or he was just blatantly lying about the project.

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