Caption Competition Winners: "Pay to Pray"

The winners of this week's caption competition are:


Photo courtesy of The Royal Gazette

1st Place - Bermuda Rasta: In a rare display of political cunning, the UBP unveils its secret weapon.

2nd Place - Geoffrey Faiella: "Now, if you bring your nose out from the paper and cross your eyes a bit, you should be able to make out the shape of a fish. I think this one's a red herring."

-At the Magic Eye Conference

3rd Place - Bermuda Rasta: Yes, that's correct - I'm counting my prayer on Thaao's show as an "event"

Honourable Mentions

- Gumby House: Dr Brown proudly announced his proposed replacement for the post of Auditor General.

- Blankman: How did I spend $27,000 on lunches? Well, when he told me to "settle some scores" I thought he said "Go to Scores", and the rest is history.

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