July 29, 2007

The youth vote

Now where were we on the youth vote?

Dr. Brown decided to make a cameo last night to introduce Collie Buddz up in Dockyard. He wasn't well received by the crowd. There was a decent amount of booing and a general uneasy feeling as he pranced up and down the stage. At the end of his babbling, he took off his jacket, where underneath he had a tee-shirt with, "Blind to you, haterz", printed on the back. Classy.

When Collie Buddz came out, he said "I hate politics", and the crowd exploded. Nothing like paying 50 bucks to have to Ewart Brown infiltrate my Saturday night. I think he is making some serious mistakes and has really underestimated how disenfranchised the youth of Bermuda have become. He might be better to wait until the students go back to University to call the election.

I'm not entirely surprised; somewhat surprised at the booing, but not surprised that they see through his act and pandering.

Dr. Brown is an anachronism to many of my era and after. His act is very dated and increasingly irrelevant to a youth interested in the future, not the scores he wants to settle from his past.

Posted by Christian S. Dunleavy