Independence for foreigners

Why is it that whenever PLP members get outside of Bermuda they start talking up Independence, but when they get home they play it down? This is becoming a pattern.

Could it be because Bermudians are overwhelmingly opposed to it and they are totally out of sync with the populace?

Some interesting exchanges in the Caymans between other countries and the Bermuda delegation:

Many delegates at the CPA conference raised issues concerning the Progressive Labour Party’s quest for independence in Bermuda.

“People in Bermuda are enjoying a high quality of life, and a high standard of education as well,” said Turks and Caicos Opposition Party Member Arthur Robinson. “Why would Bermuda want to move toward independence?”

“My philosophy is ‘if it’s not broken, why fix it?’”

Mr. Caines said similar “scare tactics” have been used in many British Overseas Territories to argue against separation from the UK.

“The assumption is that the country would go in a less than stellar direction,” Mr. Caines said. “Would you believe in 2007, we have re–insurance companies and offshore companies clamouring to come to Bermuda?”

“It has very little to do with Bermuda the place, but with effective and prudent governance.”

A representative from Trinidad questioned the motives of certain political parties who promise independence to get elected, and then adopt harsh measures to prevent people from becoming involved in government.

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