Always the last to know

I don't know if Dr. Brown is facing a loss of confidence and potential removal by his party, although one would certainly hope that any party would take a serious look at a leader mired in an alleged corruption scandal and subsequent cover-up; altogether ignoring it is far worse than working through the issue and deciding to ignore the ethical problems and go with tarnished goods - as bad as that itself is.

But I couldn't help but get a real chuckle that Dale Butler is the poster child in today's paper to rebut yesterday's multiple sourced article suggesting Dr. Brown is starting to lose support.

Why? Well, simple. take a look at Mr. Butler's quotes when informed by a reporter of the last leadership challenge (only 8 months ago), which culminated with Dr. Brown taking out then Premier Scott [Note: The Gazette's website search SUCKS and all their old links are broken. Aargh.]:

"I have no comment. I am totally confused. I thought he said he wasn't going to challenge. This is all news to me."


"Nobody has approached or lobbied me. Mind, I don't go to those cocktail sips. I am always the last to know."

Here we go again. If Dale is unaware, it's probably happening.

How much political capital are the PLP going to expend to protect Dr. Brown, Mr. Bascome and others? That's the question. If some people are not having buyers remorse I'd be genuinely surprised. Yesterday's article didn't mince words.

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