More of "Us and them"

Here we go again, more of "us and them".

It was announced today that among other car ownership restrictions, any business who has more than 10 non-Bermudian employees will have car ownership for those non-Bermudians restricted.

Couple this with useless term limits and we have a real decrease in the quality of life for non-Bermudians that will just encourage businesses to look elsewhere for a home - which will only hurt Bermudians in the end.

Check out the Irish newspaper article covered today in the Gazette which describes Dublin's glee at Bermuda continuing to turn ourselves into a second tier jurisdiction to run your business.

This is ridiculous and I can tell you that most employers are incensed by this. I'd been told weeks ago by some business owners that this might be coming, and they were outraged. I don't just mean whining, they were outraged.

Bermuda has a traffic problem at peak times, one that can be addressed with solutions that Bermudian and non-Bermudian can share in equally.

Our traffic problem is caused by both non-Bermudians and Bermudians, probably more so by Bermudian car ownership, yet the PLP continues to insist that the solution is to turn non-Bermudians into second class citizens.

Why stop at limiting non-Bermudian car ownership. How's about anyone who is married to a Bermudian? Or anyone who holds dual citizenship?

Or how's about Cabinet Ministers with oversized second cars?

Here's a question? How many cars does Dr. Brown have access to and own? Hmmm.

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