From Wednesday's Bermuda Sun, Dr. Brown's Chief of Staff Wayne Caines delivers a real zinger:

"Since Dr. Brown has been elevated to Premier of Bermuda he has used GP1 for hundreds of official engagements; most recently he has used a police escort twice - it is only used in very rare and exceptional circumstances."

Asked what those were, Mr. Caines said he couldn't tell us for "security reasons."

A reader knows the answer to at least one of those exceptional circumstances:

In Wednesday's Sun, Waine Caines declines to comment for 'security reasons' on the Premier's destinations during the two times he has used a police escort. Perhaps he's just worried about the PLP's 'security' in the next election and doesn't want the Bermudian public to know that one of these police escorts was used to race the Premier to the airport to greet the cricket team - according to those Progressive Minds on the PLP blog. If that was one of the two most important trips he has taken in GP1 since he got the keys then it seems he needs to get his priorities in order.

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