April 06, 2007

The 9 employee company

A number of people have emailed me with similar comments on a) the logistics of having employers with more than 10 employees police the auto purchases of their staff and b) an expectation that businesses should just reincorporate into an endless number of companies each with 9 employees.

But on the bright side, the Finance Minister can tout the increasing number of businesses setting up in Bermuda as proof term limits aren't having an impact.

A reader weighs in with the real outcome:

The broader implication is that we (Bermudians) want both to have our cake and to eat it as well. But as we make it more difficult for anyone to do business here because it is politically expedient (far easier to say that an expat took a job from a Bermudian than to take responsibility ourselves for the abject and utter failure of our public school system to equip our kids to be able to do that same job, or any job at all) we should not be surprised when we finally learn what everyone else in the world knows already, knowledge based jobs generally follow the person with the knowledge, and if we chase that person from Bermuda we probably chase the job away as well.

Posted by Christian S. Dunleavy