March 29, 2007

The tiny faux presidential motorcade

A reader writes:

I've never written to your blog before but thought you'd find what I just saw speeding down the road perhaps amusing (in the same way one finds children playing dress up amusing) or concerning (as I do).

I was driving west at 7:30 this evening (Wed. 28 March) on S. Shore Road, just as I was passing the Pokiok entrance guess who went past me at about 50 or 60 mph (no kidding) guessed it, our premier in GP1 which comes complete with not only a flag on the hood, driver and flashing strobe headlights but now also a black CRV in front with matching blue strobe's the tiny faux presidential motorcade...funny except for the speed (and the utter disregard for walkers, joggers, kids on bikes etc who are using the PUBLIC road at that hour) and the fact we pay for all this BS.


Posted by Christian S. Dunleavy