You don't say?

As I said weeks ago, this current crisis in the UBP is not so black and white.

A series of (black) UBP MPs debunk the racism allegation in the media today.

From today's Bermuda Sun article entitled 'Poor leadership, not race, is the key issue for party':

It's the first public admission of what party insiders have been saying privately for several months now - that Wayne Furbert is simply not cutting it as leader, especially now that the ruling PLP has replaced Alex Scott with Dr. Ewart Brown.

One veteran UBP member told the Bermuda Sun the current crisis within the UBP, brought on by the resignations of MP Jamahl Simmons and chairman Gwyneth Rawlins, had less to do with their claims of racism within the party than the poor leadership skills of Mr. Furbert.

Mr. Burgess' comments support that view. They are even all the more telling because he and Mr. Furbert are friends and have been running mates in previous elections.

From today's Bermuda Sun:

UBP MP Neville Darrell

Meanwhile, UBP MP Neville Darrell rejected claims by UBP defectors Jamahl Simmons and chairman Gwyneth Rawlins of racism within the UBP. He said he had not encountered "overt racism" from his parliamentary colleagues. But he added: "It should come as a surprise to no one that even within political parties racism would be a normal feature of that environment."

He supports the "core values" of the UBP with its commitment to diversity and the rights of the individual. He added: "I would resist any characterization that I was a token anything."

UBP MP Louise Jackson

UBP MP Louise Jackson reiterated her support for the party, saying: "I have been a member of the UBP since its inception and one of its first members. This has been a party of inclusion and diversity from day one. As a black person within the party, I see white and black people, men and women who are working together to become the next government. It is unfortunate that persons would let their personal failings and lack of accomplishments lead to poisoning the electorate against the UBP. No positive purpose is served by joining our opponents in igniting an issue that would succeed in fanning flames but not address the fundamental issues of concern to the people of Bermuda, like crime and affordable housing"

From today's Royal Gazette article entitled "Racism has never been an issue for me":

UBP MP Pat Gordon-Pamplin:

She added: "I certainly am very, very proud to be a member of our party because I don't have any ego. If there are people I don't get on with, that's of no consequence to me. Nobody can disrespect me."

Mrs Gordon-Pamplin questioned whether those who had quit the party had succumbed to the continued accusations of racism from the UBP's political opponents.

"I would hate to think that it had come to that but I don't see any other explanation unless they sat in another room from me," she said.

"There has been this attitude of the PLP calling us racists. If you have a person who doesn't have a strong resolve or someone who feels threatened, they might say: 'Let me hang on to this racism card'.

"Either you have some masochistic people or you have some very unfortunate people who are just vulnerable enough to succumb to the continued expressions of racism."

She added: "Within the membership of any organisation there are going to be people who don't reflect the majority of people. You are going to have some nasty people no matter what happens.

"But I don't think we are talking about the parliamentary group. I don't think we have got a bunch of racists that we deal with. Certainly not my colleagues in the House (of Assembly)."

She added that those within the party who felt disillusioned should leave and allow the party to begin the "healing process".

"We will heal and we will come forth strongly from this because I don't think Bermuda can afford another PLP government."

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