Granted, it might be a little early, but I've been keeping an eye on the Letters to the Editor page of the Gazette since the UBP's internal turmoil began a couple of weeks ago, and I've been struck by how few letters there have been on the topic. I spoke with the Editor this morning and he confirmed that he hasn't received many, while they keep piling in on Southlands and the SDO controversy.

So far I can recall three, being Guilden Gilbert, Dr. Eva Hodgson (today) and Kath Bell (former PLP candidate if I recall) who would not be considered representative of the average voter.

The columnists have also been pretty busy but that's again to be expected.

Typically, the debate has been hot and heavy over at Limey in Bermuda, and I've been writing about it here, but neither forum is representative of the casual observer. Funnily enough, the site has become saturated with pro-PLP posters who are crucifying the UBP while simultaneously decrying the blog as a pro-UBP forum.

I'd characterise the critics there (mostly - but not all) as true believers and PLP ground troops, sensing a political opportunity and going for it. Again, not representative of the average voter.

Other than that there hasn't been much; lots of headlines for sure, but it makes me wonder if people have become so exhausted with race in Bermuda politics that they're just tuning this out to a certain extent?

Most of the people who approach me about the topic, don't really take sides, but come across as just plain old cynical about it.

I'm sure there are other interpretations of the quiet (email me yours), but the general silence in the Letters to the Editor is unusual and interesting.

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