Warning signs

The Cayman's rollover (aka Term Limits) policy has been in effect for weeks...and already all hell has broken loose with the major law firms requesting a mass exemption.

The outcome? Public anger and a Government that doesn't know what to do.

Surpised? Hardly.

The “new and improved” immigration term-limits provision, aka rollover, has only been on the statue books for barely a matter of weeks before the first, and on the face of it intractable problem for the government has appeared in the shape of a request for special exemption treatment from the major law firms here.

As a result of this wholly predictable event, the administration now has to steer a course between the economic Charybdis of the financial sector, represented on this occasion by the multi-million dollar law firms, and the political Scylla of its electoral powerbase, to whom it has been busily pandering over the last several months, completely oblivious to the warnings of dire economic and unintended consequences.

In other words, in modern parlance, it finds itself between a rock and a hard place. That the government would find itself in such a position was inevitable, and obvious to everyone except apparently those that find themselves thus caught.

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