The smallness of our politics

The more I see, hear and read Barack Obama, the more I am convinced that he is the real deal, a poltician with a rare combination of intellect, charisma and vision who gets it, truly gets it.

Today, he announced that he is establishing a Presidential Exploratory Committee - the first official step in running for president.

The following except from his statement sums up not just the problems that America faces, but Bermuda's:

But challenging as they are, it's not the magnitude of our problems that concerns me the most. It's the smallness of our politics. America's faced big problems before. But today, our leaders in Washington seem incapable of working together in a practical, common sense way. Politics has become so bitter and partisan, so gummed up by money and influence, that we can't tackle the big problems that demand solutions.

And that's what we have to change first.

We have to change our politics, and come together around our common interests and concerns as Americans.

This won't happen by itself. A change in our politics can only come from you; from people across our country who believe there's a better way and are willing to work for it.

"The smallness of our politics"; "gummed up with money and influence"; an inability to overcome this and "tackle the big problems that demand solutions".

Sounds familiar.

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