The Bermuda Sun hearts Dr. Brown

Friday's Dr. Brown love fest at the Bermuda Sun (see here, here, here, here and here) was a little embarrassing. I guess they couldn't wait for Valentine's Day.

Consider this:

Which story received front page treatment and which was buried on page six: Dr. Brown's leisure suit and his dog or the appalling results in Education?

I don't need to answer that for you.

The Bermuda Sun hearts Dr. Brown.

But seriously, remember how on Friday I pointed out that Dr. Brown has a habit of upstaging his Ministers on the fluffy photo-ops yet hangs them out to dry with the bad news?

Well, check this out:

Does that mean the Bermuda Football Association is about to get what it's been asking for to help raise the standard of the game here?

Dr. Brown says he doesn't want to "steal the minister's thunder" and that we can expect an announcement next week.

Uh, you just stole the Minister's thunder. Mark down another.

I even hear he's out cutting another ribbon in St. George's today.

Because I don't want to be accused of being negative, I must complement Doc. Hollywood on the Robert Bassett painting hanging over his sofa. I have the same print in my house.

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