Sufficiently transparent

If you've just held a controversial political fundraiser, one which pushed the boundaries of ethical behaviour and raised all sorts of questions about what is and isn't above board, surely the last person you want as your standard-bearer is lawyer and political fair-weather friend Llewelyn Penniston.

You can't miss the irony in Mr. Penniston talking about the event being suspiciously transparent:

“This is an unusual and a bold approach by the PLP but one that’s sufficiently transparent that it should not attract any more criticism than attended the UBP in its heyday.”

...while the organisers threw out the press:

A representative from this newspaper interviewing ball guests was instructed to leave the hotel premises by security staff at the behest of the event organisers.

I guess after the T.H.E. scandal the Premier has learned not to put the donors on the invitation; better to keep them under wraps.

The Police Landcruisers to keep out the locals was a nice touch as well.

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