Stop being so naive

God I love the PLP hysterics over at Limey in Bermuda. They're all up in arms, aghast that I might suggest that there is some PLP influence in the timing of 3 UBP resignations in a few weeks and some harsh accusations by the departing members.

Say it's not true?

Don't be so naive people. I've got a causeway I could sell to a few folks - that is if they're being serious and not mischievous as I expect.

For the record, I write a lot here about a lot of the hot button issues. I'm not going to repeat myself endlessly. For those who want to foam at the mouth that I can't possibly comprehend that there might be racism (or racists) in the UBP, I direct you to this post and this quote, which is one of many where I have acknowledged that the UBP membership - like the rest of Bermuda - can display racist attitudes at times:

The UBP has a much harder job than the PLP. The UBP have to bring together diverse groups of people who have different experiences and perspectives. This can be contentious. Are there racist attitudes among what Jamahl decribes as a vocal minority in the UBP? Yes.

The PLP on the other hand are monolithic and have this 'anti-UBP' cohesion that overrides much of their internal differences. Are there racist attitudes in the PLP? Yep. But because they lack diversity that racism is directed outwards, and means their internal fights are over different issues (chauvinism, homophobia, power etc..)

So forgive me for not feeling the need to repeat myself in every post. If you feel the need to use me as your straw man, at least do me the courtesy of staying abreast of what I write (and spell Dunleavy correctly - there's no 'e' between the 'v' and 'y') ;-).

The fact that I see some PLP influence courtesy of Dr. Brown in this is not a crazy statement; it's a compliment - AND PATENTLY OBVIOUS. You've even got PLP plants over at Limey in Bermuda telegraphing that more announcements will come. Talk about showing your cards.

In fact, I'd expect no less than these tactics from a go for the jugular take no prisoners politician like Dr. Brown. I respect his intelligence and cunning and quite admire his ruthlessness in an odd sort of way. I disagree with all sorts of things that he does and says, but politics is a contact sport and these things happen when you're dealing with human beings.

When Dr. Brown took over there was a sea change in the political landscape which I think the UBP was a little slow to recognise. The UBP's gifts of Jennifer Smith and Alex Scott were gone, replaced by a much more shrewd and effective communicator and strategist.

For those just born yesterday, let me just say that there are no coincidences in politics.

Do you really believe that it's a coincidence that Jamahl, Gwyneth and David Dunkley (ridiculous reason for resigning notwithstanding) all tolerated this appalling treatment - for years - but just happened to reach the breaking point - weeks - after Dr. Brown took over? Could it be that Dr. Brown, who promised to 'obliterate the UBP' saw some weaknesses, a way to cut the legs out from under the UBP, and went for it before likely calling an election after the budget.

It's not at all a stretch to think that they pressured and made overtures, in a careful manner over a number of weeks, to some in the UBP who were having issues operating the internal political environment and feeling the pressure that blacks in the UBP can feel, and figured they could pry them loose.

That's an old trick, but an effective one; especially when you consider that there are those who decided the UBP was done for in the short term by the PLP's removal of Alex Scott. More years in the Opposition doesn't appeal to many.

That's not to say that Jamahl and Gwyn don't feel they have legitimate gripes against these isolated factions in the UBP (Gwyn clearly resents not getting a Senate seat and/or a safe seat after paying her dues. I suppose I could make the same complaint after I spent some time as Party Secretary after the 1998 election defeat and put many hours in on the 2003 election (for the record I don't want a safe seat or ask for anything in return). Is that racism? Or is it that just life?)

I've been in the UBP long enough to know that in the branches and Central there are some hard nuts to crack; people who have over time carved out their own little power bases and protect them through the occasional power play.

When I found myself on the receiving end of those I just laughed it off and marked it down to internal politics; because it can't be racism when it happened to me, can it?

Anyone who follows politics worldwide knows that those who rise to the top know how to navigate the internal politics as well as the external ones. And I think that's more of what's going on here.

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