Standard Development Orders

Bermuda Sun Columnist Stuart Hayward just about nails it in today's Bermuda Sun, writing on what I posted briefly on last week.

"SDOs are now becoming so common their name should be changed to Standard Development Orders. And instead of being used only in extraordinary circumstances, they are becoming a frequent device to circumvent Planning regulations. It's discouraging - we have been fighting for years to prevent developers from loop-holing the orderly planning process. And now our own government is becoming the most prevalent loop-holer. It's outrageous."

The only thing I think he misses is that the sudden rise of SDO's is the PLP's attempt to make up for 8 years of inaction and orderly development in the run-up to an election - aka "Hurry Up Mode".

Cole Simons and the UBP address that aspect in today's Royal Gazette:

New hotel developments would require hundreds of extra foreign workers, more vehicles on the Island’s roads and put further pressure on housing needs, said the UBP MP. “We believe Government must raise its gaze above short-term political ends to consider what is best for the Island in the long-term. Careful planning is critical. The current rush to convey a sense of turnaround in the tourism industry should not be the starting point for decisions that will impact the Island for generations to come,” said Mr. Simons.

To all those who worked so hard to block the desecration of the Botanical Gardens, your work has only just begun.

As I said last week:

I've never felt like much of an environmentalist, but I'm starting to now.

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