Southlands remembered

A former resident of Southlands writes:

Dear Sir,

I write concerning the proposed development of Southlands, which I read about with great sadness as I lived on the estate as my only home for some 30 years. My late Mother was the widow of Brigadier H.D. Maconochie, a past owner of the estate.

What has been missing from the comments that I have read so far is the historical aspect of the property apart from the Morgan tomb. The main house appears on the famous 17th century maps of Bermuda, and many of the cottages are also sufficiently old to warrant a second thought before approving demolition. Also, the eastern end of the south side of the South Shore Road contains the site of the gun emplacements and ammunition arsenals which acted as Bermuda’s protection during the Second World War.

The unique Quarry Gardens have been mentioned, but one has to see them to understand the significance of them. I recommend that the Editor of this newspaper visits them

In London, many old and historical properties have been demolished in the name of greed, without consideration of the fact that these actions remove part of the heritage future generations would treasure. Bermuda will be done a very great disservice if it copies this.

Yours sincerely,

Julian Darrall-Rew.

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