Double standards

Maybe it's me, but doesn't it seem like the only difference between the UBP's current discord, and the PLP's 3 year battle between Jennifer Smith's camp and Ewart Brown's camp is that there are whites in the UBP...hence it must be racially driven.

Another example:

When young candidates are fast tracked in the UBP (ie. Jamahl Simmons, or even Shawn Crockwell as the new chair) it's called window dressing, whereas when Premier Brown installed 3 young and completely politically inexperienced individuals in the Senate, it's called a stroke of brilliance and a commitment to the youth.

In fact, I'd hazard a guess that almost all of the people who decry the UBP fastracking any black inidividual through the party would support affirmative action policies in the workplace.

What's the difference?

Those examples are why I become so frustrated - and am convinced race as an issue is not suited to the political domain - is that it's not uncommon to hear whites described as inherently racist; by birth, by nature, by nurture, by definition, by their DNA, or all of the above.

Any action that involves whites is too often ascribed to race in Bermuda.

How can that be a starting point for a discussion of the many layers of privilege in this community, be it white privilege, or dare I raise privilege? Privilege exists both between and within the races.

With that atmosphere, is it any wonder that we can't progress on this issue, and that more and more whites feel that they can't enter the discussion in good faith?

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