Bermuda's energy needs

Last night I was surveyed by an affiliate of Total Marketing and Communications on behalf of BELCO.

Normally I transcribe the surveys, but once I heard that it was BELCO I didn't bother, although among the standard run of the mill questions were some interesting ones which lent some insight into where BELCO (and the island) is heading.

The questions that got my attention were the ones about:

1) Whether I thought BELCO could continue to meet Bermuda's energy needs while being reliant on foreign oil?
2) If I would support the construction of a new power plant and/or sub-plants around the island?
3) Should a new plant be located at the existing site or somewhere else?
4) If I was open to renewable energy sources such as wind turbines?
5) If I supported 'green' energy alternatives and would be agreeable to alternative energy sources (presumably solar panels and the like) installed on my property?
6) Whose responsibility it was to educate the public on environmentally friendly energy usage and alternatives.
7) And the perennial question of whether I thought power lines should go underground (and if that would be more reliable/cost effective/safe etc.)

All in all it was an interesting survey, suggesting that BELCO is in the planning stages of a new plant (both scale and location), is measuring public opinion on that while testing the appetite for renewable energy sources.

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